Meet the people who’ve already experienced the Travelling Spanish Classroom and hear their own personal stories about the impact it’s had on their lives.


Discover how she went from not even knowing that travelling classrooms existed – to quickly becoming comfortable speaking Spanish to natives whilst living in one of the destination companies long after her 1-month adventure ended.

The continuity and flexibility of the program is what attracted Danish 22-year-old Emily to the Travelling Class. Speaking to her travel agent back home in Denmark, she expressed a desire to learn Spanish as she travelled but didn’t want the tediousness of repeatedly re-acquainting with a new teacher that wouldn’t know her level or capabilities. She wasn’t aware that a travelling class existed, and certainly not one which would expose her to beach, adventure, culture and the splendour of Central America. “I started at level A2 and very soon was moved up to B1 after my teacher saw how easy I found the course material. Everything is possible and the program is so flexible, you really get to choose your schedule. I actually opted to stay in Bocas Del Toro for one more week instead of going to Turrialba because I just loved it so much. I really felt at home as soon as I arrived and am yet to leave long after the program has ended”.

For Emily, learning Spanish had always been a passion of hers with massive appeal. “There is just so much richness within the Spanish language; from the music to the films. The people and the culture as a whole are so stunning. It’s spoken in so many places as well, so its usefulness is unquestionable”. Through the program, she has managed to realise this dream and now also has the skills to actually live in a new place that she now calls home. “I would recommend the travelling class to absolutely everyone, because it has everything”, she adds.

Very few companies combine so many locations into one Spanish program. This is what attracted Greenlander 30-year-old Niels to the Travelling Class. While on holiday in Curacao, he came across the course online and immediately got a flight to Panama City’s Tocumen Airport where he was picked up by the school. Arriving at 2AM, he vividly remembers being captivated by the twinkling lights all over the City. He arrived on a weekend when no classes take place, so his time was free to be spent leisurely spotting boats at the Panama Canal, enjoying ceviche at the fish market in the old town of Casco Viejo, briskly hiking up Cerro Ancon and dancing the night away at famed rooftop bar, Tantalo. Bocas Del Toro was another highlight of his trip as a self-confessed ‘ocean addict’.

Both Tatiana, a Spanish teacher from Costa Rica and Ingrid who originally hails from The Netherlands, taught Niels. “I loved getting lessons from a local but I also really appreciated being taught by somebody who wasn’t a native Spanish speaker as she would definitely know the common mistakes one might make when learning Spanish for the first time. I really got the best of both worlds in terms of the teachers and the locations: we had city, we had amazing beaches, nature and wildlife and we had mountains. We had beautiful night rain in San Blas and wonderful sunsets in Bocas. My teachers were also happy to switch my schedule when there was something I really wanted to. I hiked up to Volcan Baru in Boquete to catch the sunrise, so my teacher moved my morning classes to the afternoon without any problems. This has truly ended up being one of the most unique and exhilarating experiences of my life”.


Learn how he first discovered the course whilst on holiday in Curacao, and then made the impulsive decision to immediately board a flight to take part in the learning adventure – resulting in him experiencing one of the most unique and exhilirating experiences of his life! 


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