You’re guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome in one of our hand-picked, stylish and quirky hostels where you get to hang out, enjoy communal meals and practice your Spanish skills with your new friends.

Sleep like a baby with our clean, comfortable and warm beds in beautiful surroundings.

Shared rooms with restricted occupancy.

We wouldn’t dream of packing you in like sardines 7 or 8 to a room – which is why all our accommodation is restricted to 4 in a room or under, for your maximum comfort and security.

Enjoy the environment.

Our rooms are light, bright and airy – so you can enjoy the abundance of nature and beauty that surrounds you as you learn how to speak Spanish the smart and fast way.

Catering Facilities so you can relax and enjoy group meals during your adventure with us.

Al Fresco anyone? (It’s always 30°C!).

With a temparature and climate that’s perfectly suited to dining al fresco, you’ll want to take your meals outside where you can enjoy the stunning views and integral nature of the area as well as the food.

Fancy your own cooking skills?

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or a quick snack, our accomodation has catering facilities built in – so you can create a local delicacy or a culinary creation of your own to keep you fully fuelled during your adventure.  

Communal Lounge & Study Areas so you always have a place to relax, study and chill.

Read, chat or watch TV?

Our communal areas offer you the chance to relax and have fun whilst still continuing to develop your language skills – whether that be by chatting to others in Spanish, swotting up with your textbooks and notes – or maybe tuning in to some local TV stations in order to hear authentic regional Spanish.

Una cerveza, por favor?

You can relax and unwind in the evenings in the bar, and discover whether you are one of those people who speak better Spanish when they are drunk?  

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We offer a vast range of options, extras and customisation enabling you to plan the perfect trip for your needs. Let one of our fully trained staff help you to put together your ideal package.


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