Learning a language can sometimes take years for people to learn and speak fluently, but for now how can you make the most out of your time with the travelling Spanish classroom and engage yourself 100% in learning the language? Here are 9 tips to quickly learn from – and as an added bonus, lots of them are actually really fun to incorporate into your daily language learning programme and routine.

Tip#1 – Build yourself a good amount of vocabulary words.

Words are the building blocks of any language and if you have a good amount of vocabulary you can at least start speaking and at least be understood. The grammar will come later. One good tip is to check out the 1,000 most used Spanish words and start there.

Tip#2 – Don’t obsess over Spanish grammar.

Spanish grammar will come with time. No need to obsess over if it’s correct or not and eventually it will become like second nature and you will just know when the grammar makes sense. For now, don’t waste your time on that just speak speak speak.

Tip#3 – Read Spanish listen to Spanish and talk Spanish as much as possible

Pick up a book, listen to podcasts or music and make friends with locals to get the most out of your Spanish learning experience.

Read a book, at first you may not understand most but this also helps with building up your vocabulary. Find Spanish music that you like and listen to it, more than English songs. Meet locals and speak Spanish maybe even find a Tico or Tica to really practice your Spanish 😉

Tip#4 – Immerse yourself

Surround yourself with Spanish. The travelling classroom offers amazing immersion classes and extra activities that encourages the students to speak and think in Spanish. When you are completely forced to speak and understand the language, you can see the improvement much quicker.

Tip#5 – Change your phone to Spanish language

Go for it! What better way to immerse yourself than having your phone in Spanish. At first you can always use a translator app to get used to it but your muscle memory will also remember where the buttons are and your Spanish will improve by learning other vocabulary words maybe you didn’t know before.

Tip#6 – Don’t worry about making mistakes

No one would ever learn anything if mistakes weren’t made. Don’t be afraid to sound funny or incorrect when speaking Spanish. This is the way to learn more. You can also ask people to correct you when you try to speak so you know where the mistakes are being made.

Tip#7 – Sing along to music

Remember when we mentioned to find some Spanish music that you like to listen to, take it one step further by looking up the lyrics and singing along. This helps with getting used to pronunciation and for speaking to come more natural.


If you incorporate all these tips and practice, you will notice a big improvement with your Spanish in just a matter of weeks. The most important thing with any language is to practice, practice, practice. Try 10 minutes a day to familiarize yourself and you will get the very most out of your language courses.